Next-Generation Dispensing Capabilities for Precision Packaging and Assembly
The Vantage® Series is specifically designed for advanced semiconductor package, electromechanical, and printed circuit board assembly. This new platform is ideal for advanced assembly technologies that involve high-speed and precise volume dispensing, tight keep out zones, or dispensing of thin and accurate lines. Combined with the IntelliJet® Jetting System with ReadiSet® Jet Cartridge, the Vantage Series delivers cutting-edge reliability and micro-dot jetting up to 1,000 Hz frequency.
  • Remarkable Speed and Accuracy without Compromise – Vantage Series delivers both. The highly stable design makes it possible to dispense at significantly accelerated speeds without sacrificing dispense accuracy.
  • An Expanded Dispense Area – accommodates larger workpieces while retaining a compact footprint to maximize space efficiency.
  • New Canvas® Dispensing Software – user interaction is visually intuitive and designed for efficiency.
Built for Precision Applications
With a new robust chassis designed to achieve high accuracy and productivity, the Vantage® Series delivers precise and reliable jetting up to 1,800,000 dots/hr.
  • Ultra-precise placement of <200 µm fluid stream widths into narrow gaps.
  • Accurate dispense line paths for volumes <1.5 nL as required for advanced wafer-level technology.
  • High productivity dot jetting up to 2x faster than current platforms.