JETINNGLOBAL was founded in March 2017, We provided semiconductor packaging and testing equipment、 parts、 automated integration, and customized complete solutions. At the same time, it is the agent of InSearchIP speed reading patent artifact ExPER, using the latest AI intelligent interpretation technology to shorten patent office analysis Time and progress.。

• Accumulated and deeply cultivated the application of dispensing and the market dynamics of dispensing equipment for many years, and the application industry spans the semiconductor packaging, electronic components, SMT, optoelectronics, biotechnology… and other industries in the Greater China region.

• Development goals include “pre-dispensing”, “dispensing” and “after-dispensing” process equipment.

  1. Provide solutions as fast as Jet plane
  2. Best Innovation manufactory method
  3. Most advanced technology in Global

• Jetinn Global Equipment is established to be a customer orientated solution provider.