Spectrum II S2-900 Precision Fluid Dispensing System

The world-class precision and quality Spectrum® II system for assembly of mobile electronics, semiconductors, MEMS, and PCBs
  • Consistent machine quality and reliability with the worlds preferred, fully-automated fluid dispensing system
  • High board density and minimal wet-out distances enabled by market-leading total system wet dispense accuracy
  • Production quality is assured by Nordson ASYMTEKs patented closed-loop process controls
  • Reduce manufacturing costs with higher throughput from precision dual-simultaneous dispensing
  • Easily switch between multiple dispensing applications with the highly scalable, modular design
“Dispensing underfill in-line with the Spectrum II reduces manual handling and gives a more uniform result, a more efficient SMD manufacturing process, and better yield.” – Mr. Elvin Solberg, Manufacturing Engineering Manager for ReSound