Jetinnglobal AOI

At a time when the dispensing applications are increasing rapidly and the dispensing process is becoming more and more difficult, not only the simple dispensing in the past, but with the improvement of the process, the reduction of the size of the parts, the increase in personnel costs and the end users requirements for product quality Jetinn has been adhering to “innovation, integration, international” since its establishment, and hopes to become a market leader. Jetinn independently developed the “Glue Defect Inspection”AOI machine, which is expected to make the entire The craftsmanship of the manufacturing industry is more refined.
XI-500 provides appearance inspection after dispensing, which can measure the width of glue, detect the distance of glue climbing, splashing, and overflow, and is widely applicable to all kinds of different glue materials and substrates.

Application examples of various types of glue

► Light source characteristics

► Machine appearance