The Forte Series fuses leading technologies from our most advanced fluid dispensing system with proven features from our top selling dispensing platform to deliver exceptional productivity and accuracy.
With a highly stable chassis and newly designed electrical and mechanical architectures, the Forte series delivers UPH gain through swift acceleration and improved motion control. Added stability in the chassis accommodates high-speed motion in the x, y, and z axis without sacrificing placement accuracy.
A dual-valve-ready design allows you to run two high-frequency IntelliJet® Jetting Systems simultaneously to further boost UPH and quality outcomes – reducing dispense time by half and automatically adjusting for workpiece and individual component rotational skew.
Specifically built to enhance Forte Series performance, Canvas® dispensing software puts the power of graphical programming to work. The new interface simplifies programming tasks and provides significant control over your fluid dispensing process.
  • Improved cost-of-ownership, equivalent or better accuracy and 20-50% higher productivity over the top selling Spectrum® ll
  • Blazing speed for point-to-point moves – matching our most advanced fluid dispensing system at 1.5 G
  • Simultaneous dual-valve jetting – for higher speed, improved accuracy and patented* real-time skew correction
  • On and offline programming and simulation with Canvas® dispensing software
  • Maximized production floor efficiency with a space saving footprint
  • Reduced operator maintenance and intervention with standard integrated dual-valve service station, patented closed-loop process controls and nozzle cleaning rail